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Independent Versus Broker Contractors

Know who you give your car to when using an auto shipping company. There are two types of shippers: brokers and owner/operators. The main difference is with a broker the company/person you pay and arrange details with is not with the company shipping your car. The brokers use many independent sub contractors based on availability and price, not necessarily based on quality or reputation. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. With the owner/operator the office staff and the drivers and equipment all belong to the same company. Club members have had disproportionately more problems with brokers such as “no show” drivers, late delivery, and damaged cars compared to owner operators.

Beware of Scams

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Beware of this scam when receiving your car. The driver shows up hours later than agreed, twilight, or more typically, after dark. They claim their rig cannot make it into your street or neighborhood, and you have to come out to where his truck is. Usually someplace dark and busy where you don’t want to be standing out in the street after dark with your classic car. Because the driver has now gotten you in a hurry, you make a superficial inspection of your car (in the darkest place the driver can find), sign the release that the car was delivered in same condition it was picked up, and take the car back to your home. Next morning in the daylight you find damage that couldn’t be seen in the dark. You’re outta luck!! You signed the release. Insist they deliver in daylight, or a well lit location of YOUR choice. Remember to look under the car too, oil and transmission pans and mufflers can get crushed on multi-car carrier trucks.