A note from our Vice President of Chapters, Jason Peters:

“Last year it was put before the board and before membership at September’s annual meet in Fort Wayne to introduce a scholarship fund in the name of the club for McPherson College’s Automotive Restoration program.

The primary objective for the program is to educate and train students in all facets of vintage automotive restoration. This includes everything from paint, shaping metal, casting parts, plating, diagnosing and troubleshooting mechanical issues, to creating beautiful automotive interiors, and rebuilding engines.  In a nutshell, ALL of it! The fundamental basis of the program is to teach our future craftsmen and tradespeople on antique car restoration techniques, and to also teach them skills on running a shop, curating a museum, even reproducing much needed parts. Upon graduating with an advanced, technical Bachelors degree from an accredited program new professionals are ready for employment in keeping our hobby on the road and teaching the next generation of not only caretakers, but also people equipped with the knowledge and expertise to keep these cars accumulating miles, and generating smiles!

As more and more of the “old-school” tinkerers, mechanics, professional tradespeople and skilled technicians retire or age out of the the industry, we have to start finding ways to support those that are eager to come in and ultimately, will be responsible for carrying on the vast elements of vintage car ownership and restoration. To, as a club, promote and help our young people interested in more than just car ownership, but also those committed to will be relied upon to maintain and restore our cars well into the future.  Having been through this program, I can speak from experience though it is not inexpensive.

The cost of education alone is astronomical, but with it comes not only the cost of learning, but also the tools and equipment needed when not in the classroom. The experiences along the way such as attending major car events, traveling to internships, paying for housing or meals. This all adds up well beyond what financial aid covers.  While scholarships are heavily promoted to students as well as “under the hood” training at internships, it amounts to a huge financial burden to be able to do these things, which can be quite a challenge, particularly as a student.  So I am working to establish an Edsel Owners Club named scholarship and we need your help!

To do this we have an initial $10,000 threshold to meet and are looking at it starting for the Fall of 2025 school year. We will be asking for contributions and fundraising along the way and appreciate any giving at any level or amount to help launch what is a vital step in supporting and motivating our young people in keeping these cars in front of people as we start to lose so much skill and knowledge.

If you have any questions or would like to make a contribution, please contact Jason Peters at or by phone at .

We will be starting to reach out and talking about the program as well as posting regular updates along the way regarding our fundraising goals and efforts. We have also put together some guidelines for future recipients as well as how we not only help make their educational goals happen, but include them within the greater Edsel community as well. This is an exciting undertaking and I look forward to sharing more about this in coming issues of our newsletter.  Stay tuned!”


PayPal donation link coming soon!