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Comet East

Edsel’s offspring was the very successful Comet. Comet was originally slated to be the Edsel’s version of the Falcon, and was designed by the Edsel stylists. 1960 and 1961 Comets do not say Mercury anywhere on the vehicle.

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Edsel Owners Club Group.io

a Google io groups e-mail list for general Edsel related topics. This is the beta version for the club to trial (it’s free).  This is a moderated group for tech related Edsel questions, help sourcing parts, and general Edsel related topics.  It is not for buying or selling things, the Classified Ads section of the website and the newsletter is where that belongs. 



It’s about the car. Lots of interesting information and an on-line VIN Registry.
This is the place to go for your Edsels technical specs, options and engines.

Specific Year Details: 1958 | 1959 | 1960

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Smith Motor Company
If the World Wide Web had existed in 1958 this is what a dealership web site might have looked like.

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