July 2008 Member’s Car of the Month!

1958 Edsel Pacer convertible owned by Mike and Nancy Hinsch of North Plains, Oregon

The car was owned by the owners of Brodsky Edsel in Eugene, Oregon and was Mr. And Mrs. Brodsky’s personal car for two years. The car moved on to three more owners in the Eugene/Springfield area before it was restored completely in the late ’80s. This is when Nancy and I first saw the car at a Regional Meet in Kennewick and Nancy wanted that car (or one like it) someday. In 2000 we became the fourth owner and love the car.  We love to drive the Pacer as often as we can and have driven it to places as far as Edmonton, Alberta to the E.O.C. Annual Convention.  If you can’t drive it, why own it, is our philosophy!
It is restored to its original condition: Sunset Coral and Snow-white color combination. It has 7,500 miles on the restoration and should give us many more years of Edsel fun.

Options: It is equipped with power steering, brakes, tachometer and town and country radio.