Being an Edsel Owners Club member entitles you to many benefits.

“The Big E” Newsletter

This magazine publishes six times a year. It contains a variety of historical Edsel documents, convention highlights, regional reports and official club notices. “The Greenline” magazine has been merged with “The Big E” since 2003. “The Greenline” portion features research reports on Edsel options and production reference information, member “edseltorials”, dealership profiles and a large, Edsel Only, classified section.

Yearly Color Calendar

2016 edsel calendar

A new Edsel calendar printed yearly, with a color photo of a different Edsel for every month.

Want to see your Edsel in the calendar?
Members submit images of their Edsels to see their classic(s) printed in the full color calendar.

As a member you will receive one free copy and have the option to buy additional copies for $15.00 each.

Annual Convention discounts and information

Edsel in front of Ontario Airport Hotel

2024 Annual Convention

September 3 - September 8

Each year, the EOC has a club-wide gathering in a different location. Edsels and their owners from around the globe converge each summer, to renew friendships, create new ones, get advice from owners who know, and give advice to those who ask.

As a Member you will receive information and discount rates for the convention.

The annual conventions feature:

  • An all-Edsel car show, with awards presented
  • An Edsel Parts/Literature/Memorabilia auction
  • Seminars on Edsel restoration
  • Model car & Edsel tin displays
  • An “Edselcade” Edsel convoy to a local site of interest
  • Banquets, entertainment and guest speakers


You will have world-wide resources for Ford Edsel’s documentations, parts, cars, restoration tips and support!

  • Shipping Advice
  • Edsel Part Suppliers
  • Edsel Magazine Articles
  • Publications/Posters/Cards
  • Connections to Edsel Groups

Have More Questions?

To find out more you can contact David Fleischer. Either submit the form or TEXT him at . If voice communication is required, contact Jack Mickle at .

Being an Edsel Owners Club member entitles you to many benefits.