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1958 Edsels for sale

1958 Edsels for sale Our dad passed away and left these. We Have 2 1958 Ford Edsels. [...]

1959 Edsel 2 door Ranger

1959 2 door Ranger VIN: A9UC713740 Location: Columbus, Ohio Plates: 1959 Ohio Plates 1959 Edsel 2 door [...]

1958 Parts

1958 Parts Set of four 1958 standard full wheel covers. Not for spinners, uncommon version as the [...]

Edsel Carpet Sets

1958-1960 Edsel Carpet Sets ACC-Auto Custom Carpet sets for all models and body styles. Samples available upon [...]

EDSEL Memorabilia

EDSEL Memorabilia 40 + years collection includes Dealer Data books, all 3 years, manuals, (both US and [...]

Reproduction Edsel Wiring

Reproduction Edsel Wiring Also complete electrical harnesses made to original factory wiring, including wire gauge, colors and [...]

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