1958 Parts

Set of four 1958 standard full wheel covers. Not for spinners, uncommon version as the valve hole does not line up with the top of the “E” in the center.
$175 for the set.

Set of four 1958-1960 dog dish Edsel hubcaps in nice condition, no rust.
$250 for the set.

Set of tail light bezels for 1958 small series, decent shape, driver quality or good for rechrome.
$150 for the set

1958 Transmission Inhibitor Switches, wires intact.
$35 each (4 available)

1958 Shift Motor Relays, not working, need reconditioning, wires intact.
$30 each (3 available)

All prices include postage/insurance.

For more information contact Allen Rogler in Rhode Island
Phone days only 9am to 5pm EST.