Dedicated to the friendship/diversity, enjoyment, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Edsel automobile. The club, with members in all walks of life all over the world, is a resource for the Edsel enthusiast – from our local chapters and home-town events to National publications and annual Edsel conventions. The EOC offers a source of parts, advice and history to keep your Edsel on the road for years to come!

66 years since the introduction of the Edsel

The Edsel was introduced for sale on September 4, 1957 as a 1958 model. 6 to 10 weeks before all other ’58 models hit the showroom.

Upcoming Events

Annual EOC Meet

Edsels and their owners from around the globe will converge, to renew friendships, create new ones, get advice from owners who know and give advice to those who ask.

Edsel in front of Ontario Airport Hotel

2024 Annual Convention

September 3 - September 8

Regional Meet Information

Region’s gather yearly at selected venue’s to talk with old or new friends in the Edsel world. Give or get advice between Edsel owners that know! View more events listed.

Shows may or may not be sponsored by the local EOC chapter. Check with your local chapter.

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