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Buy a copy of the 2017 Edsel Calendar. A color photo of a different Edsel for every month of the year. Each calendar is $15.00 which includes postage. Please send checks with order and make checks payable to Edsel Owners Club at the address below or use your credit card or Paypal account and order on-line right now.

Calendar Orders wth check or money order should be sent to:

EOC Calendar
1740 NW 3rd St 
Gresham, OR 97030

or order and pay with Paypal using the "Add to Cart" link below

Front cover and thumbnails of all the calendar cars in the 2017 Calendar


To purchase your 2017 Edsel Calendar online using Paypal or a credit card click on "add to cart" button below. If you would like an additional calendar(s) please update the default quantity from 1 to the number desired.

Please remember to include your name & address when checking out!


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Previously featured in the December 2007 edition of Reminisce Magazine is a painting by Michael Dickinson containing the car we love (see attached photo). Prints are available in various sizes. To check out his work go to his website: www.artistmichaeldickinson.com Or contact him at: Email: mike @ artistmichaeldickinson.com Michael Dickinson 1330 Meadowcrest Place Columbus, OH 43228 614-638-6269 Let him know where you learned about the print.

winterscene with edsel

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Buttons and posters by Matt Osborne Photography - www.edselstuff.com

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The Rest of the Edsel Affair is entertaining and reads like a personal letter from home. Even if you've never had an Edsel; or ever heard of one, you will find this true business story fascinating...and unbelievable. This is the second of two that tells the story, from a highly publicized beginning to a barely noticed ending, of the Edsel automobile, introduced bt Ford Motor Company in 1957. The Edsel design was inusual and memorable in that it features a verticle grill and long, horizontal tail lights. Brakes could be tightened by repeatedly pushingthe brake pedal while in reverse. The car was shifted by pushing buttons in the center of the steering wheel.

Purchase the book on Amazon through this link and the EOC earns a commission to offset the costs of the website
the rest of the edsel affair


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The original 1980 book by C. Gayle Warnock, Public Relations Director for the Edsel Division of Ford Motor Company. Traces the history and the personalities involved from cradle to grave of the Edsel. Internal memos, photos, tables and graphs, and an true insiders perspective from someone whose career endured and survived association with the Edsel. "In the eurphoric fifties, Ford Motor Company developed a line of mid priced cars it hoped would halt the exodus on nouveau riches to more costly marques manufactured by archrival General Motors. What happened to this effort is the basis for an unusual story of ambition, jealousies and management errors that brought an early end to a quarter of a billion dollar project, a product expenditure unheard of in those days."

This book has been out of print for a number of years and is sometmes not avalable on the Amazon link below. You could also try eBay and other used book sites.

Link to purchase the book (if available) and the EOC earns a commission to help offset the cost of the website

the Edsel affair book cover


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Time Magazine Article from November 30, 1959 announcing the end of Edsel production.

A more recent Time magazine article counting down their opinion of the 50 worst cars of all time. Note the author is a bit biased and will cite his opinions as facts. Still it is entertaining reading, even the Edsel page.

Have other magazine or original articles? Email Me suggested links or scans of articles along wiht copyright or author permission to repost.




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Production Figures all three years

Go to www.Edsel.com for the technical specs, options, engines, in the Edsels 1958 1959 1960

Occasional Series on a Citation 2 door tri-tone rescued from a barn after 24 years of storage
"the teaser"


Shipping your Edsel?

Know who you give your car to when using an auto shipping company. There are two types of shippers: brokers and owner/operators. The main difference is with a broker the company/person you pay and arrange details with is not with the company shipping your car. The brokers use many independant sub contractors based on availability and price, not necessarily based on quality or reputation. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. With the owner/operator the office staff and the drivers and equipment all belong to the same company. Club members have had disproportionately more problems with brokers such as "no show" drivers, late delivery, and damaged cars compared to owner operators.

Beware of this scam when receiving your car: The driver shows up hours later than agreed, twilight, or more typically, after dark. They claim their rig cannot make it into your street or neighborhood, and you have to come out to where his truck is. Usually someplace dark and busy where you don't want to be standing out in the street after dark with your classic car. Because the driver has now gotten you in a hurry, you make a superficial inspection of your car (in the darkest place the driver can find), sign the release that the car was delivered in same condition it was picked up, and take the car back to your home. Next morning in the daylight you find damage that couldn't be seen in the dark. You're outta luck!! You signed the release. Insist they deliver in daylight, or a well lit location of YOUR choice. Remember to look under the car too, oil and transmission pans and mufflers can get crushed on multi-car carrier trucks.


Tech articles wanted! Email Me to submit yours.




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BULLETIN BOARDS deferred. Please use the yahoo groups:

Edselmail group for general Edsel related topics and Edsel Restoration & Preservation group for authenticity and historical Edsel topics. Both groups are moderated.

You will need a free Yahoo account to join the group if you do not already have one. It is easy to sign up, it will be the first screen you see when you click "Join this Group" after clicking on either link above.

There is also a Facebook group for Edsel Restoration & Preservation.

Please note: None of these three groups are run or sponsored by the Edsel Owners Club






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The following are suppliers of parts that may be helpful in maintaining and repairing your Edsel:
Applique Plates, Brake Booster Rebuild Service, reproduction Bumper Guard Rubber Pads, Reproduction 1958 Hood Ornaments, NOS & used parts

Jerry Lasseigne, 300 Coulon Rd., Thibodaux, LA 70301,
PH: 985-446-6487
Edsel parts for all three years good used and some NOS

Antenna Reproductions Bill Blassengame 806-353-0940  
Carpet & Trunk Mats
Auto Custom Carpets 800-633-2358  
Chemicals, Paints, Restoration Supplies and Tools

The Eastwood Company


Convertible Roof Rails & Headers Karr Rubber Mfg. 800-955-5277  
Continental Kits Continental Enterprises 250-763-7727  
Control Valves Bryan J. Weatherly 714-871-3750  
Cracked Manifolds & Castings-Hi-Temp Repair Compound
AremcoProducts, Inc. 914-268-0039  
Decals, Shop & Owners Manuals Jim Osborn Reproductions 404-962-7556  
Dash Gage Restoration (restores '58 4 direction brushed design) Mike Mancini Instrument Specialties 14 Church Street Oxford, MA 01540 508-932-1349 www.instrument-specialties.com see pictures
Door Sills Door Sills 973-904-0270  
Exhaust Manifolds CSC Industries 913-339-6386  
FoMoCo Parts, Reproduction parts, Rubber Products, Trim, Electrical, Misc. Mac's Auto - Located in upstate New York http://www.macsauto.com/pass.html
(engine, drivetrain, interior, rubber seals and even some chrome parts)
6150 Donner Road
Lockport, NY 14094
1-800-777-0948 (for orders)
716-210-1340 (for other info)
Fax: 716-210-1370
FoMoCo Parts, Reproduction parts, Rubber Products, Trim, Electrical, Misc.

Concours Parts - Classic Ford parts and reproductions

Concours Parts
3493 Arrowhead Dr
Carson City, NV 89706

Within the US

Outside the US & Canada

Toll free 800-722-0009 Phone 775-882-5100
Toll free fax 800-725-8644 Fax 775-882-2404

www.concoursparts.com OR download their catalog in PDF

FoMoCo Parts, Reproduction parts, Rubber Products, Trim, Electrical, Misc.

Dennis Carpenter Reproductions - (Mechanical, Electrical, Rubber, Trim and reproductions, some NOS parts)

www.dennis-carpenter.com or download their catalog
4140 Concord Parkway
Concord, NC 28027
1-800-476-9653 orders only
1-704-786-8139 help line

FoMoCo Parts Ford Parts Store 419-636-2475  
FoMoCo Parts Green Sales Company 513-731-3304  
FoMoCo Parts Obsolete Ford Parts 800-933-6731  
Gas Tank Repair Henry's Shop 304-253-9662  
Glass (with FoMoCo Labels) OEM Glass 800-283-2122  
Hood and Trunk Insulation Brookshire Early Ford Parts 704-827-5280  
Keys - NOS & Original Jesser's Classic Keys 330-376-8181  
Lenses Reproduction 1958 Bill Glass 253-686-6555 or besthubcaps1@aol.com  
Mechanical, Suspension, Misc. Kanter Auto Products 800-526-1096 (Note: Parts quality has reportedly been inconsistent since about 2005) you might try your local NAPA or Carquest first if they still have books to suppliment the computer screens.  
Misc. Clamps, Clips, Fasteners, Windlace, Etc. Restoration Specialties 814-835-0170  
Misc. Heater Hose, Radiator Caps National Parts Depot 800-874-7595  
Padded Dash Reproductions Just Dashes 800-247-3274  
Power Steering Parts/Pumps/Ram Cylinders Rebuilt From Your Cores Brian J. Weatherly 714-871-3750  
Plating Procino Plating 302-629-0331  
Plastic Plating Mr. G's Enterprises, 5613 Elliott Reeder Road • Fort Worth, Texas 76117-6013
Phone # (817) 831-3501 • (817) 838-3131
E-mail address: mrgs@mrgusa.com or mrgs@earthlink.net Website: www.mrgusa.com
Rebuilt fuel pumps, water pumps from your core

Arthur Gould Rebuilders, 5R Main Street, Kings Park N.Y. 11754 Phone : (631) 269-0093


Rubber Products, Weatherstripping Metro Moulded Parts, Inc. 11610 Jay Street NW • Minneapolis, MN 55448 •
Sales / Customer Service 612-757-0310
• (800) 878-2237 Toll Free
E-mail MetroSales@metrommp.com
Rubber misc. Trim gaskets, windshield gaskets, window anti-rattle kits, Guides & Various Small Parts Pat Walsh Restorations 781-246-3266  
Scripts & Letters Crites Restoration Products 614-963-4777  
Stainless Brake & Gas Lines Stainless Steel Brake Corp. 800-448-7722  
Stainless Hardware NSC Fasteners 800-359-7166  
Stainless Steel Repair Vintage Vehicles Inc. 920-787-2656  
Step Plates, Reproduction Sill Plates Kenneth Hudson 352-674-3278  
Spotlights Accessory Land 319-556-5482  
Teletouch Heat Shield Reproduction Bernard Gentz 414-674-3278  
Teletouch Motor & Relay Repair, Reproduction Lenses 1958 & 1959 Mike Brogan 716-652-3271  
Teletouch Motor Repair Curry Weed (Summer) 231-526-6525 (Winter) 941-342-6715  
Fender Skirt Repro. (59), Hooded Mirrors Restored & Repro, 1958 Lenses Reproduction, & NOS partsTeletouch Motors in Stock Edsel World of Parts 941-731-8027  
Upholstery, Headliners & Door Panels

SMS Auto Fabrics
350 South Redwood Street
Canby, OR 97013
503-263-3535 or email at: info@smsautofabrics.com
please note: delivery from SMS is VERY VERY SLOW

Valve Cover Lettering Dan Crossman 607-778-2726  
Windshield Washer Lids, Rebuilding kits for washer pump McVey's 913-722-0707  

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