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The Edsel Owners Club currently publishes a newsletter, the Big E, 6 times per year plus a full color annual calendar. Your subscription is included with club membership, and gives you access to information on Edsel restoration tips, Edsel history, and a huge collection of Edsel-only classified ads! Prior to 2003 there was a newsletter (The Greenline) and a quarterly Edsel magazine (The Big E) which were merged, a partial index is included below to assist in finding past articles. 

Hint: you remember a topic was addressed, but have no idea what issue it was. You can use this page to narrow your search. For example you know "compass repair" is in one of your old issues somewhere [open Internet Explorer - then Edit - then Find on page].. Aha!)

Big E

Published bimonthly, the Big E magazine includes official club notices, regional reports, original Edsel literature and color photos on the front and back covers.  Some of the articles in previous issues:

Date  Volume    Articles
Fall 84 V17/N3  Andy Vogenthaler, Convention photos, The Nov, 1958 Edseller
Winter 84 V17/N4 
1985 calendar issue, featuring 1960 original-owner Edsels
Spring 85 V18/N1 
Leroy Walker, "Yesterday Once More" meet, US production figures
Summer 85 V18/N2 
Frank Bower, "Edsel Extra" brochure, Trunk release spec, computers
Fall 85 V18/N3 
Bylaws, Convention highlights, Service Bulletins, Hard luck story
Winter 85 V18/N4 
Dora & Fritz Sanders, "Relic" article, 1986 calendar
Spring 86 V19/N1 
Dirk van Oudenol, 1957 Registrations, Service memos, Road Test
Summer 86 V19/N2 
Colvin & Doris Gish, Henry Klinger, Service bulletins, Letters
Fall 86 V19/N3 
Convention highlights, meeting minutes, full-page photos
Winter 86 V19/N4 
1987 calendar issue, featuring 1958-1959 Edsels
Spring 87 V20/N1 
Paul & Theresa Proulx, Charlie Camp, Roy Brown, Air-Level Ride
Summer 87 V20/N2 
Transmission service bulletins, NAPA part numbers, regional reports
Fall 87 V20/N3 
Convention hightlights, awards and photos
Winter 87 V20/N4 
1988 calendar issue - First time in Color!
Spring 88 V21/N1 
Labor time schedules, "Edsels that never were" concept cars
Summer 88 V21/N2 
Technical Bulletins, Towe Museum meet, Production Totals/Prices
Fall 88 V21/N3 
Edsel vs Chevy/Buick, Convention awards, US/Canadian Production figures
Winter 88 V21/N4 
1989 Color calendar issue
Spring 89 V22/N1 
Edsel vs Dodge/Cadillac/Chrysler, Packard Predicta, Edsel Ford story
Summer 89 V22/N2 
1957 Technical Bulletins, Regional reports
Fall 89 V22/N3 
Convention awards/photos, Technical bulletin, Inter-continental meet
Winter 89 V22/N4  1990 Color calendar issue
Winter 89 V22/N4  1990 Color calendar issue
Spring 90 V23/N1  1990 Membership listing, Region boundaries, Club bylaws
Summer 90 V23/N2  1957 Service Bulletins: Wiring, Rear axle, Transmission slips, Clocks
Fall 90 V23/N3  Convention awards, Technical Bulletins: Steering gear lube, Conv. latch
Winter 90 V23/N4  1991 Color Calendar issue
Spring 91 V24/N1  1991 Membership listing, "Where are they now" Edsels
Summer 91 V24/N2  Edsel articles: Mel's Diner, Knotts Berry Farm, London subway
Fall 91 V24/N3  Judging, 1957 Technical Bulletins: Performance, Convertible tops
Winter 91 V24/N4  1992 Color Calendar issue
Spring 92 V25/N1  1992 Membership listing, More on Judging, Illinois meet
Summer 92 V25/N2  1958 Features & Innovations literature, Edsel in the movies
Fall 92 V25/N3  Trophy/Award winners from 1992 convention, "The Edsel Affair"
Winter 92 V25/N4  Original 1958 "Engineering Features & Innovations", VA-MD chapter
[Supplemental]  1993 Color Calendar issue
Spring 93 V26/N1  1993 Membership listing, Holland car show, Cambria CA car show
Summer 94 V26/N2 
Fall 93 V26/N3  Convention awards, Border crossing regulations, Oregon Edsel article
Winter 93 V26/N4 
[Supplemental]  1994 Color Calendar issue
Spring 94 V27/N1  Pioneer Village Museum, 1957 Service Bulletin: Teletouch circuitry
Summer 94 V27/N2  1994 Membership listing, Edsel appraisals
Fall 94 V27/N3 
Winter 94 V27/N4 
[Supplemental]  1995 Color Calendar issue
Spring 95 V28/N1  Edsel preview, Original literature: 1958 Models, 1959 Accessories
Summer 95 V28/N2  1995 Membership listing, "Edsel: Motor Industry's Titanic" review
Fall 95 V28/N3  Convention awards, Original literature: Edsel vs Chevy/Plymouth/Pontiac
Winter 95 V28/N4  1958 Review in "The Motor", 1957 Service Bulletin: Assembly codes
[Supplemental]  1996 Color Calendar issue
Spring 96 V29/N1  1957 Service Bulletins: Camshaft wear, Coil springs, Speedo, Steering
Summer 96 V29/N2  1996 Membership Listing, Club bylaws
Fall 96 V29/N3  Convention coverage - Awards, Photos, Meeting minutes, New bylaws
Winter 96 V29/N4  Edsel Buyer's Primer, Ed-Chero Myth, Tech Bulletins, End of the Trail
[Supplemental]  1997 Color Calendar issue
Spring 97 V30/N1 
Summer 97 V30/N2  1997 Membership Roster, Call to the annual meet
Fall 97 V30/N3  Convention coverage - Awards, Photos, Meeting minutes, Treasurer's Rpt
Winter 97 V30/N4  Japanese Tin Edsels, Convention Plans, Regional Reports
[Supplemental]  1998 Color Calendar issue
Spring 98 V31/N1  Routers article, Edsel jack techniques & other tips from Dan Crossman
Summer 98 V31/N2 
Fall 98 V31/N3  Convention coverage, By-law changes, Compass repair
[Supplemental]  1999 Color Calendar issue: 1959 Anniversary Special
Winter 98 V31/N4  Reprint of the complete 1958 Edsel Features manual
Spring 99 V32/N1  Power Trunk installation, Edsels from the Past by George Foran
Summer 99 V32/N2  Membership Directory, Convention prep, Judging Guidelines
Fall 99 V32/N3  Convention coverage, Fritz & Dora Sanders remembrance, Sanders Edsel Sales
[Supplemental]  2000 Color Calendar issue: 1960 Anniversary Special
Mar/Apr 03 V37/N2  Alberta Convention preparation, 1960 Production, Part Sources
May/Jun 03 V38/N3  Edsel Part Sources, 2003 Membership Listing
Jul/Aug 03 V39/N4  Convention Highlights, Treasurer's Report, Ford-100 Coverage
Sep/Oct 03 V36/N5  Convention Notes, Sierra Star Edsel Article, Edsel Adventures
Nov/Dec 03 V36/N6  1959 Edsel Windshield Washer, Uncle Dan's Fuel System Tips
[Supplemental]  2004 Color Calendar issue
Jan/Feb 04 V37/N1  Teletouch Control System and Wiring Diagram, Part Sources
Mar/Apr 04 V37/N1  Bloomington Convention preparation, Officer nominations
May/Jun 04 V37/N3  Convention Schedule, 2004 Membership Listing
Jul/Aug 04 V37/N4  Convention Highlights, Treasurer's Report
Sep/Oct 04 V37/N5  Introducing the Edsel Alaska Cruise, Part Sources
Nov/Dec 04 V37/N6  Illinois/Minnesota meet invitations, Part Sources
Jan/Feb 05 V38/N1  Tualatin Oregon Convention preparation, Part Sources
Mar/Apr 05 V38/N2  Upcoming car show schedules, Ford Rouge Plant Tour
May/Jun 05 V38/N3  Membership Directory, Convention prep, Judging Guidelines
Jul/Aug 05 V38/N4  Convention Highlights, EOC co-founder Mike Read memorial
Sep/Oct 05 V38/N5  Edsel Part Sources, Treasurer's Report
Nov/Dec 05 V38/N6  Dean Brown profile, Texas F&G Article, Part Sources
Spring 07 V40/N1  Brad Fakeley profile, Edsel50 Convention preparation, Part Sources
Summer 07 V40/N2  Gary/Carolyn Fakeley profile, Meet schedule, 2007 Membership Listing

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Index below for reference to assist you with finding a historical article. The Greenline is no longer published. This was the news bulletin of the Edsel Owners Club.  Each issue included photos, letters from club officers and "edseltorials" from members, and a large collection of Edsel-only classified ads.  In addition, each Greenline includes feature articles.
Some of the past subjects are listed below.

Date  Volume    Articles
8-84 V8/N6   Fort Worth EOC convention, 1958 jacking instructions, Edsel Ford II
9-84 V8/N7  
EPA leaded gas letter, 1959 window sticker, Max Moorehouse article
11-84 V8/N8  
1960 2-page ad, drinking/driving quiz, Jere Gauss article
12-84 V8/N6  
1957 design speculation, "Edsels" restaurant, Erny Beals article
2-85 V9/N2  
1958 window sticker, Edsels in Syria, Edsels in the Movies - Part 5
3-85 V9/N3  
Membership directory (delivered as part of volume 9 number 2)
5-85 V9/N5  
Edsel raffle, internal marketing company memo, Edsel cartoons
6-85 V9/N6  
Behind the "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" Edsel, Convention details
8-85 V9/N8  
Edsel history article, Convention highlights, classic car tips
9-85 V9/N9  
John Wagner's '59 slammed by a semi, 6 pages of happier thoughts
11-85 V9/N11  
Urtha Lenharr's Edsel adventures, "New Coke" becomes the new Edsel
12-85 V9/N12  
Willard Jolley's Edsel Acres, Frank Caliendo's Edsel, FannieMae ad
2-86 V10/N1  
1957 Teaser ads, Caliendo Edsel Sales, Frank E. Jones article
3-86 V10/N2  
Membership directory (delivered as part of volume 10 number 1)
5-86 V10/N3  
"The boyhood of Henry Ford II" article, dash pad project
6-86 V10/N4  
Insurance form quotes, Ron Puleo and George Hagemeister articles
8-86 V10/N5  
Dealer E-day invitation, David Zimmerman article, avoiding fraud
8-86 V10/N6  
Ron Osborn's Edsel history, Herman Eaker article, local meets
11-86 V10/N7  
Hyundai/Acura learn from Edsel history, Joe Jones' Edsel poem
12-86 V10/N9  
"Name the Pony" contest internal memo, "Edsel Hero" article
2-87 V11/N1  
Perry Piper article, Edsel dealer recalls problems, intro memo
3-87 V11/N2  
1959 Edsel station wagon article, Membership listing
5-87 V11/N3  
Pate Museum article, Convention preparation
6-87 V11/N4  
Perry Piper (repeat) and Galen Weber articles, Edsel cartoons
8-87 V11/N5  
Edsel owners in the Heartland, French photographers seek Edsels
9-87 V11/N6  
Anaheim convention photos, Greg Burns' artwork, "Remember When"
11-87 V11/N7  
Henry Ford II death notice, Edsel Goodwrench, Trivia, "Times Change"
12-87 V11/N8  
1958 Sales Literature, Edsel Goodwrench, Trivia, Pilgrim Nuke Plant
2-88 V12/N1  
Edsel Goodwrench, 1960 Edsel research, 1958 Sales Literature II
3-88 V12/N2  
Edsel Goodwrench, Mystery VIN, Sales Lit III, Edsel Movies Part 7
5-88 V12/N3  
Edsel Goodwrench, Towe Ford Museum, Bringing an Edsel back to life
6-88 V12/N4  
Sales Lit IV, Canadian Edsel quiz, AMT/Ertl considers an Edsel model
8-88 V12/N5  
"Ford Flop" & "EOC 20th" articles, Flaming convertible, illustrations
9-88 V12/N6  
Highest VINs, 1959 Sales Literature, 1-hour old Edsel in a collision
11-88 V12/N7  
Highest VINs II, 1960 Sales Literature, Production Figures
12-88 V12/N8  
Texas Edsel Story, Lowest VINs, Canadian Color Codes, Edsels in Vegas
3-89 V13/N2
  1960 convertible listing, 1959 Canadian Edsels, Edsels on film, Engine paint
5-89 V13/N3   1958 taillight repro, Las Vegas highlights, 1960 Convertibles, 1959 Canada
6-89 V13/N4   1959 convertibles, Wyoming Edsels, Charlottesville convention preparation
8-89 V13/N5   Edsel literature, "Edsel Goodwrench" tips, 1958 dataplate, Chapter creation
9-89 V13/N6   Canadian Edsels, Unique Edsel parts, Charlottsville review, Edsel wagons
11-89 V13/N7   Reading the dataplates, Edsels & emergencies, "Edsel Goodwrench" tips
12-89 V13/N8   Authenticity tips, Reading the dataplates, Las Vegas 2 preparations
2-90 V14/N1   1959 convertibles, Unusual 1958 Pacers & Rangers, 1958 paint colors
3-90 V14/N2   1959 dataplate, Edsel filter numbers, Edsel price guide, Deep South meet
5-90 V14/N3   1959 dataplate, Pilot plant cars, New Edsel models, Las Vegas 2 highlights
6-90 V14/N4   1959 dataplate, Edsel Micromachine, Scrapping of pre-1971 vehicles
8-90 V14/N5   Edsel color survey, Edsels on film (part 9), Modified vs Replica Edsels
9-90 V14/N6   Maplewood MN convention highlights, Edsel shop and parts manuals
11-90 V14/N7   1958 Hood Ornament restoration, Wagon survey, 1958 Dashpad
12-90 V14/N8   Unique Edsels, Road & Track original photos, Las Vegas 3 preparations
2-91 V15/N1   Oregon Edsel, Member's photos, 1960 twists of fate
3-91 V15/N2   Edsel parts auction, 1959 Closed Corsairs, Edsel in the 1957 news
5-91 V15/N3   Early & Late Edsels, Edsel Goodwrench on restoration, Las Vegas 3 review
6-91 V15/N4  
8-91 V15/N5   1958 Accessories available, 1959 Convertibles, Glass date codes
9-91 V15/N6   Burnaby BC convention highlights, 1959 Villager survey, Wagon photos
11-91 V15/N7   1958 Citation Convertibles, Decoding your dataplate, Product review
12-91 V15/N8   1959 Ranger 4-dr Sedans, Judging, Las Vegas 4 preparations
2-92 V16/N1   1958 Pacer Convertibles, 1958 Edsel vs Pontiac, Museum Edsels
3-92 V16/N2   1959 Ranger 2-dr Sedans, 1958 Edsel vs Buick, Tips from members
5-92 V16/N3   1958 Edsel vs Plymouth, 1958 Ranger/Pacer/Wagon transmissions
6-92 V16/N4   1958 Edsel vs Chevrolet, Pre-production photos, 1959 parking lights
8-92 V16/N5   Auction rules, Member's photos, Prototype 1958 dashboard photo
9-92 V16/N6   Colorado Springs convention, 1959 2-tone study, Clay Motors Edsel sales
11-92 V16/N7   Early & Late production dates, 1960 Pre-production photos, Chapter news
12-92 V16/N8   Edsel part sources (clips, cables, lenses), First Edsel on a used car lot
2-93 V17/N1   Ford Motor Co timeline, Early 1960 Edsel production, Pre-release photos
3-93 V17/N2   1960 Models & colors, Data plate research, Las Vegas 5 preparations
5-93 V17/N3   1958 Accessory Prices, Reproduction fabric, Pre-production photos
6-93 V17/N4   1958 Edsel vs Ford, Original owner stories, E400 replacement part
8-93 V17/N5   Original Edsel owners, Southwestern chapter, Corsair publicity photos
9-93 V17/N6   Richmond VA convention highlights, How many Edsels left, 1958 Prototypes
11-93 V17/N7   1959 Villager Wagons, Unretouched original photos, Edsel junk yards
12-93 V17/N8   Las Vegas 6 preparations, Virginia-Maryland meet highlights
2-94 V18/N1   1958 Citation Hardtop, Matthew Edsel Sales, 1958 rare options photos
3-94 V18/N2   1958 Carpet research, Franklin Mint model review, 1958 dash photos
5-94 V18/N3   1959 Corsair research, Las Vegas 6 highlights, "Edsel of Today" contest
6-94 V18/N4   1960 Convertible complete inventory, 1960 Prototype photo, Dayton agenda
8-94 V18/N5   Preparations for first EOC/IEC joint convention, 1958 Bermuda mock-up
9-94 V18/N6   Dayton convention highlights, 1958 Bermuda Wagons, Blaser Edsel Sales
11-94 V18/N7   1959 Ranger 4-dr Sedans, Hardy repoduction parts, Edsel Police cars
12-94 V18/N8   1958 multi-color options, Edsel Police car update, Edsels on film
2-95 V19/N1   Edsel Christmas gift, 1960 4-dr Sedan research, Parts interchanges
3-95 V19/N2   Dealership Focus, 1958 Engine interchanges, Youngstar Edsels
5-95 V19/N3   Charlie Wells' unique Edsels, Lost Georgia Edsels, Las Vegas 7 review
6-95 V19/N4   Secret exchange list, 1959 Vacuum wipers, Alaska Edsel, European chapter
8-95 V19/N5   The day the Edsel died, What-if scenarios, Heart of America meet
9-95 V19/N6   San Ramon convention highlights, 1960 Convertible Repro, Prototype 1958
11-95 V19/N7   Tire research, VIN number locations, Edsel friends "on-line"
12-95 V19/N8   Jeff Sledge memorial, Pacer script reproduction, Las Vegas 8 preparation
2-96 V20/N1   Restoration costs, Utah Edsels, Saved from the crusher
3-96 V20/N2   1958 Colors & combinations, Edsel truck, Florida chapter meet
5-96 V20/N3   Las Vegas 8 highlights, Election procedures, Platt Motors Edsel sales
6-96 V20/N4   1996 Elections, Candidate profiles, Official proxy
8-96 V20/N5   1959 Corsair 4-dr Sedans, Original Edsel service trailers, Election report
9-96 V20/N6   Tulsa convention highlights, Bud Lake Edsel Sales, Parts suppliers
10-96 V20/N7   "The Jolly Old Edsel" Gentilli Edsel Sales, New Edsel model
12-96 V20/N8   Edsel-bilia offer, Tin toy Edsels, Member Profile: The Dannemillers
2-97 V21/N1   20th Anniv. issue, Reproduction parts, Robertson Motors, Profile: The Yosts
3-97 V21/N2   Glenn Shearer memorial, New EOC President, Kudla Edsel sales
5-97 V21/N3   The Edsel Grille, Explosive reports on the status of the EOC today
6-97 V21/N4   Teletouch Trauma recovery, Literature Review, Pages of member letters
6-97 Special   New Convention announcement
8-97 V21/N5   Kansas convention highlights, 1958/59 Valve cover color, Production figures
10-97 V21/N6   New members, Hardened valve seats: should you have them installed
11-97 V21/N7&8   40th year retrospective, Stainless trim restoration tips, To buy or restore
1-98 V22/N1   Stainless trim restoration part 2, Pulling the rear axle out the easy way
4-98 V22/N3   Removing/replacing trim, Piper article, Tips from the Toolbox
8-98 V22/N6   Convention highlights, Edsels On-Line, Keeping varmints out during storage
10-98 V22/N7   Rust removal techniques, Worley & Crossman Edsel memories
11-98 V22/N8   Installing window anti-rattlers, Edsel history, Crossman: My first Edsel
1-99 V23/N1   Reflections on Edsel turning 40, Edsel parts scam
2-99 V23/N2   Coker Tire Reference & Specs, Oregon Convention registration
4-99 V23/N3   1959/1960 Lubrication Chart, Parts Cars by Dan Crossman, Convention agenda
5-99 V23/N4   EOC co-founder Perry Piper memorials, Edsels in Las Vegas highlights
6-99 V23/N5   Crossman: Salvage yards and Edsel dealerships, Edsel owner Corey Reiber
8-99 V23/N6   August '57 Popular Science reprint, Crossman: New trim ideas, Truman King poem
10-99 V23/N7   Cyber Toolbox, Search for unique Edsels, Motorola radio dashplate
11-99 V23/N8   Edsels In Las Vegas background, Tips for restoration jobs by yourself
1-00 V24/N1   Original owners' stories, Teletouch Inhibitor problems, BMW goes Teletouch

(NOTE: The Greenline content is now included in the Big E, listed above)

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