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EOC Archive & Meet Photos
We've been driving and restoring Edsels and getting together every summer for over 45 years!! Have a photo album from one of the past annual or regional meets you'd like to see posted? Please send them to us along with captions, dates, etc.

1969 Indianapolis, IN
1970 Ontario, CA
1971 Kansas City, KS
1972 Dearborn, MI
1973 Staunton, VA
1974 Seattle, WA
1975 Arlington, TX
1976 Reading, PA

1977 Overland Park, KS

1978 Indianapolis, IN
1979 Concord, CA
1980 Bloomngton, MN
1981 Willaimsburg, VA
1982 Dearborn, MI
1983 Portland, OR
1984 Ft. Worth, TX
1985 Harrisburg, PA
1986 Overland Park, KS
1987 Anaheim, CA
1988 Bloomington, IN
1989 Charlottesville, VA
1990 Maplewood, MN
Burnaby, British Columbia
1992 Colorado Springs, CO
1993 Richmond, VA
1994 Dayton, OH

1995 San Ramone, CA

1996 Tulsa, OK
1997 Kansas City, KS
1998 Dearborn, MI
1999 Portland, OR

2000 Jackson, WY

2001 Asheville, NC
2002 Branson, MO
2003 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2004 St. Paul, MN

2005 Tualatin, OR

2006 Golden, CO
2007 Dearborn, MI

2008 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2009 Portland, OR
2010 Salem, MA
2011 Springfield, IL
2012 San Antonio, TX
2013 Springfield, IL
2014 Dayton, OH
2015 Sacremento,CA



Members Cars


Member of the EOC and Want your car displayed here? Please send us some jpg format pictures and a brief write up on your car(s)!



This rare example of a 1958 Citation Convertible belongs to members Ray & Wendi Watson of Oregon. It's "as found" state in 2008 is shown. it is currently undergoing restoration

Wendi Watson takes a "drive" with Nancy Hinsch

 side view
3/4 rear view the rat inthe car




July 2008 Member's Car of the Month

1958 Edsel Pacer convertible owned by Mike and Nancy Hinsch of North Plains, Oregon
The car was owned by the owners of Brodsky Edsel in Eugene, Oregon and was Mr. And Mrs. Brodsky's personal car for two years. The car moved on to three more owners in the Eugene/Springfield area before it was restored completely in the late '80s. This is when Nancy and I first saw the car at a Regional Meet in Kennewick and Nancy wanted that car (or one like it) someday. In 2000 we became the fourth owner and love the car.  We love to drive the Pacer as often as we can and have driven it to places as far as Edmonton, Alberta to the E.O.C. Annual Convention.  If you can’t drive it, why own it, is our philosophy!
It is restored to its original condition: Sunset Coral and Snow-white color combination. It has 7,500 miles on the restoration and should give us many more years of Edsel fun.

Options: It is equipped with power steering, brakes, tachometer and town and country radio.

Pacer Convertible

Pacer Convertible

dealer plate



EOC Member's Car of the Month
- May 2008
Fritz Probst's 1959 Edsel Ranger Sedan, Munich Germany

hi, i am fritz probst from munich member since last year and i want to send you some pics about my edsel ranger 1959, maybe you can use them for your calender next year, i purchased the car last year in march through an dealer in florida advertising it in ebay, it arrived in very good condition end of june, but we decided to give it a new paint, close as original, and full tune up, now this summer and we will drive it finally, maybe even down to italy !! enclosed find pics and info about the car, lots of thanks to phil for the info, and also we found out that the car belonged to morris ferguson. thanks Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Best regards Fritz Probst jun.
off the truck, welcome to Germany! tear down & prep
stripping & prep in progress
new paint back together
Fritz & his ranger morris notice

Webmaster's note: Fritz 's car formerly belonged to Morris Ferguson a longtime member of the EOC who passed away in December 2006

EOC Member's Car of the Month - April 2008
EOC Co-Founder Dave Sinclair's 1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible

59 Corsair Convert Corsair Convertible
Dave's car in Dearborn 2007 Dave with Babe in Bemidji, MN
My '59 Corsair convert was delivered to the Bakersfield, CA area and spent its life in the dry Central Valley climate, until I acquired it from Tom and Barbara Wolfe of Porterville ,CA. in Feb. 1978. The Wolfes were very early EOC members.
The car is painted Jet Stream Blue, a seldom seen color on a convert. and only a handful are known.  It had 102K miles on it when I bought it, and now has 148K miles. It is not restored, and much of the paint is original.  Its equipped with the 361 Super Express V-8, Dual Power Drive, Polar-Aire A/C, power seats and electric wipers. It has been a great and trouble free tour car over the past 30 years, and I hope to drive it to Edmonton this summer for the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Edsel introduction.


59 Edsel Corsair RestoMod
1959 Corsair 2dr HT - Resto- Mod. Started as a $100 barn find parts car in 1996 infested with mice, a feral cat, and an abandoned racoon lair, improper collision repair on the RF fender & cowl, but with a clear title. Complete car too far gone to restore but too nice to part out ... first cleaned up enough to get running and use as an around town beater but then one thing led to another and by 2001 decided to rebuild the engine... And then there was this really nice engine in this awful looking beater with Fred Flintstone front floors...
Before - a run around town beater with fred flintstone front floors back from the media blaster, ready to go to the welding shopback from the media blaster, ready to go to the welding shopback from the media blaster, ready to go to the welding shop putting it all back together
Done at last rear 3/4 view rear view
new front seats with heaters and integral seat belts refinished dash (Oohhh the glare from the chrome)! Original 361 bored .040" rebuilt with roller cam & rockers, oiling modifications, ceramic coated headers, AOD overdrive transmission , 3.50:1 automatic locker in stock Ford 9" rear axle, power front disc brakes, integral power steering box, aftermarket front & rear sway bars, 17" Torq-Thrust wheels, 120A alternator, heavy duty radiator, electric cooling fans, Sanden AC compressor on dial-a-temp AC R134a freon conversion, front buckets with integral shoulder belts and seat heaters, 4 channel AM/FM/iPod radio in original case. Power windows and locks, windshield washer, rear defroster coming soon. Paint is Ford 'Bright Calypso Poly'.



1958 Edsel Citation 4 door Hardtop
Citation Front Citation left
Citation rear Citation engine
Early production Somerville, MA built Citation. Restored and presented to EOC co-founder Perry and Bernice Piper for their 50th Wedding anniversary in 1988. Presently owned by Greg Corcoran. Car features Tele-touch, compass, electric wipers with windshield washers, Town & Country radio, dual speakers, PS, PB, speed warning, tinted glass, rocker moldings and spinner wheel covers.


EOC Member's Car of the Month - March 2008
pic pic
pic pic
pic pic
'59 Ranger 2 door Hardtop owned and proudly driven all over the upper midwest by Larry & Penny Wilke of Michigan. The car show picnic picture is from 2007 Iola, WI. Originally a 6 cylinder 2 speed automatic, restomod with 361 & C6 and continental kit.



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