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Dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Edsel automobile.  The club, with members all walks of life all over the world, is a resource for the Edsel enthusiast - from our local chapters and home-town events to national publications and annual Edsel convention.  The EOC offers a source of parts, advice, and history to keep your Edsel on the road for years to come!


FLASH! Update from the Annual Meet in Edmonton, AB


40th Annual Convention


Edmonton, Alberta

submitted by Carolyn Fakeley


We had 23 Edsels registered (plus almost 40 additional for Saturday 8/1 only) and 61 people at the banquet. I do believe all had a good time. We certainly kept everyone busy. Wednesday evening we had  Edsels that cruised to A&W in a bit of rain. From there, we went to a local mall where  a Miniature Railway display was set up. The detail in this is unbelievable. They opened just for us that night. About 20 people attended.

On Thursday, we all boarded a bus and spent the day at Fort Edmonton Park. This is like going back in time - much older than the Edsel. A very nicely displayed, well kept park. Thursday evening we had a BBQ and a sock hop in the parking lot with the Edsels. We had a DJ who played whatever music we wanted. Dancing on the pavement was a challenge but we had someone dancing for every song he played.

Friday was the Parts Auction - not alot of parts. Auction was over in an hour. Friday evening we had Game Show Mania - based on Jeopardy - complete with digital scoring. It was alot of fun. The audience was able to help the players so it kept everyone involved. We then went into the Funny Money Auction. You buy $ 100.00 funny money for $ 5.00 real money and bid and buy with the funny money. It gets to be a lot of fun especially when you get a couple people wanting (well sometimes just because) the same item. Brad Fakeley decided he was buying one item and when the time came, he just left his arm up until everyone else gave up and left him to buy. We raised  $ 860.00 for the EOC bank account in a couple hours.

Saturday was meeting day with the Awards Banquet in the evening. Rodney Dangerfield showed up to entertain us for about 30 minutes. Every one got to home with their awards and lots of give aways and raffle prizes. Pictures from the local paper


Best Canadian Built Edsel:

Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       1959 Black & Red 4 door sedan


Best American Built Edsel:

Wyoming                    Duane & Joyce Carpenter                1959 Red & White Corsair


Best of Show & Ford Traveling Trophy:

 Wyoming                    Duane & Joyce Carpenter                1959 Red & White Corsair


Hazel Ford Award:       Lorraine Oracheski


Gold Key:                Jim Cross


Founders:              Michael Cowels & Robert Ecton


Award to Dave Sinclair for attending all 40 conventions


People’s Choice:

Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Limo


President’s Choice:

Sask.                           Terry & Barb Bender                        1958 Bermuda Wagon


Hard Luck:

Saks.                           Roy Dietz                                           1958 Took motor out in route


Long Distance:

B.C.                             Guy Weatherbee                                1958 Pacer




Idaho                           Wendell Essley                                  Pacer Convertible

Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Pacer 2 door hardtop



Washington                Ray & Jeannine Phipps                     Pacer 2 door hardtop

Alberta                        Alfred & Lorraine Oracheski            Ranger2door hardtop

Wyoming                    Don & Joanne Carpenter                  Pacer Convertible



Sask.                          Terry & Barb Bender                         Bermuda Wagon




Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Corsair 4 door hardtop

Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       4 door sedan

Alberta                        Walter & Diane Erion                       2 door hardtop



Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       Corsair 4 door sedan

Alberta                        Barb & Francis Carlson                    Ranger 4 door sedan

Alberta                        Harry Zayac                                       Corsair 2 door hardtop

Alberta                        Robert & Marie Zayac                      4 door sedan



Minnesota                  Ray Schmit                                         Corsair Convertible




Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Ranger Convertible



Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     Ranger Convertible



Alberta                        Gary & Carolyn Fakeley                   Ranger 4 door sedan




Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Ambulance



Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Limo




California                    Michael Dowels                                 Best Authentic Collection

Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     Best Display






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