The 40th Annual Convention - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Despite $4 a gallon prices in the US, a very successful annual meet was held in August hosted by the Prarie Chapter of the EOC. Please enjoy write ups from the local papers below. Of particular interest is how many Edsels were located nearby and came for the day on Saturday (almost 40!) in addition to the 23 registered for the entire meet. Edsels actualy were well recieved in Canada and met or exceeded sales projections initially. It was only once news reached across the border that sales were dismal in the US that sales in Canada cooled. Most Edsels sold in Canada were assembled in Canada at Oakville, Ontario. They can be distinguished by the white steering wheels plus exterior paint colors, and color combinations, not offered in the US market. Ford Motor Company of Canada also used a unique Vehicle Serial Number system and dataplate from the US assembled Edsels.

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President's Choice Bermuda Ray Schmidt's '59 Convertible 59 limo (People's Choice)
PArtial View of the parking lot 59 Ambulance owned by Brad Fakeley partial view of the parking lot
Dinner picnic in the parking lot game show mania game game show mania
Gary & Carolyn Fakeley at the Sock Hop
Be sure to page down to see the awards and judging results
Don & JoAnn carpenter at the Sock Hop
Shelley Cleaver at Old Fort Edmonton Dean Brown at old Fort Edmonton
Shelley Cleaver, Marie Zayac, Denise Druar at Old Fort Edmonton refurbished railcar from movie "Assination of Jesse James" Brad Fakeley's Model display
  Michael Cleaver's Promo Model  
Edmonton Newspaper Article with Denise Druar

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newspaper article

newspaper article


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newspaper picture

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Awards & Judging results:


Best Canadian Built Edsel:

Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       1959 Black & Red 4 door sedan

 Best American Built Edsel:

Wyoming                    Duane & Joyce Carpenter                1959 Red & White Corsair

 Best of Show & Ford Traveling Trophy:

 Wyoming                    Duane & Joyce Carpenter                1959 Red & White Corsair

 Hazel Ford Award:       Lorraine Oracheski

 Gold Key:                Jim Cross

 Founders:              Michael Cowels & Robert Ecton

 Special Note: Award to Dave Sinclair for attending all 40 conventions


People’s Choice:

Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Limo

 President’s Choice:

Sask.                           Terry & Barb Bender                        1958 Bermuda Wagon

 Hard Luck:

Saks.                           Roy Dietz                                           1958 Took motor out in route

 Long Distance:

B.C.                             Guy Weatherbee                                1958 Pacer




Idaho                           Wendell Essley                                  Pacer Convertible

Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Pacer 2 door hardtop


Washington                Ray & Jeannine Phipps                     Pacer 2 door hardtop

Alberta                        Alfred & Lorraine Oracheski            Ranger2door hardtop

Wyoming                    Don & Joanne Carpenter                  Pacer Convertible


Sask.                          Terry & Barb Bender                         Bermuda Wagon




Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Corsair 4 door hardtop

Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       4 door sedan

Alberta                        Walter & Diane Erion                       2 door hardtop


Alberta                        Steve Jones                                       Corsair 4 door sedan

Alberta                        Barb & Francis Carlson                    Ranger 4 door sedan

Alberta                        Harry Zayac                                       Corsair 2 door hardtop

Alberta                        Robert & Marie Zayac                      4 door sedan


Minnesota                  Ray Schmit                                         Corsair Convertible




Alberta                        Dennis & Denise Druar                    Ranger Convertible


Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     Ranger Convertible


Alberta                        Gary & Carolyn Fakeley                   Ranger 4 door sedan




Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Ambulance


Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     1959 Limo



California                    Michael Dowels                                 Best Authentic Collection

Alberta                        Brad Fakeley                                     Best Display

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