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Dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Edsel automobile.  The club, with members all walks of life all over the world, is a resource for the Edsel enthusiast - from our local chapters and home-town events to national publications and annual Edsel convention.  The EOC offers a source of parts, advice, and history to keep your Edsel on the road for years to come!

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Meet new member and new Edsel owner - Brendan O'Rouke
(and his '59 Corsair 2 door HT)

O'rourkesCorsair cleaning

My name is Brendan O'Rourke, and I am a 34 years old car nut from Towson Maryland. I just bought my first Edsel from a gentleman who had it since 1967! His older brother bought it in the early to mid sixties, but he couldn't recall when. In 1967 his brother went to Vietnam and sadly, never returned. His parents and he kept it tagged and insured, but drove it sparingly, until 1985 when they stopped renewing the registration. It was always kept in a barn on the family farm, and that's where it sat until October. I found the car on craigslist about 30 miles from my house, and went to have a look. I immediately fell for it! It's a 1959 Corsair 2dr Hardtop, Black with white roof, and black interior. It is complete and original except for a respray in the mid 70's. The car is very solid, with the only rust in the front edge of the trunk floor. Seats are very nice, door panels and headliner are excellent. It has the 361 with dual power trans and power steering and brakes. It currently runs and drives, but I will be going through brakes and having the carb rebuilt before taking it out on the road. I'm very excited to join the club, and look forward to conversing with other Edsel owners and fans!

Here are some pictures of the car as it was cleaned up, and some of the work to get it roadworthy again after nearly 30 years in storage....

Edsel frontEdsel rear
in shopbrake job

Wheels off for brakes and cylinders. Brake shoes were brand new, circa 1970's. Stainless brake lines and fuel lines from Classic Tube, to be installed... Treadle-Vac, radiator an gas tank removed

MC outRadiator out

......One thing led to another, and we decided to pull the engine and do a stock rebuild...

Engine outEngine out

...with the engine out seemed like a good idea to clean the engine bay...Found factory markings AE and 32 on the firewall.


.. since the car is off the road for the winter anyway....

new gas tank

...Bought the 59 Ford Gas tank from Auto City Classics for $135. Took it to F and F Speed in White Hall Md, where they moved the filler neck and "pancaked" the top forward section, for spare clearance. Beautiful work, for $250. (webmaster's note - This seems to be a much better result than the 60-64 Ford repop gas tank some folks use on their '59)



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A little Edsel history

Roy Brown Jr., Chief Designer of the Edsel dies at 96
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